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Minor League Depth Charts?


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Hey Tony, I know in the past OH has put up depth charts for our full season MiLB teams, are you planning on doing that again this year? If so, I know I'd really appreciate it, though you'll have your work cut out for you between all the Indy League guys and Minor League signings! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, and thanks again.

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I have an idea, why don't people put what they think the depth charts will be for the four full-season clubs. Let's make this a group effort and I'll check with some people and put together a final "projected" depth chart.

Sounds great. I'll post a link on the Orioles Talk Forum.

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Copied from that thread.

Baltimore Norfolk Bowie Frederick Delmarva

1B Davis Ishikawa Baker Walker Narron

2B Roberts Flaherty Niuman Pena Boss

SS Hardy Navarro Schoop Rosa Marin

3B Machado Valencia Kelly Delmonico Esposito

C Wieters Exposito Joseph Ohlman Sawyer

LF McLouth Dickerson Urrutia Ruettiger Lorenzo

CF Jones Avery Greenberg Mummey Davis

RF Markakis Hoes Welty Webb Bernadina

DH Reimold Jackson Townsend Schutz Simpson

Teagarden Martinez Gil Oliveira Davis

Casilla Waring Britton

Betemit Pridie

Robinson Wheeler


Hammel Johnson Gausman T.Berry Bridwell

Chen Wada D. Bundy Rodriguez Wager

Gonzalez Arrieta Wright Davies Hobgood

Tillman Britton Wilson Howard Hader

Jurrjens Clark Bundy Price Kline

Pettit Jones Recchia Rutledge


Ayala McCutchen Russell Vader

Patton Gamboa Quinowski Bywater Parry

Strop Egan Petrini Beaulac Guzman

Matusz Schlereth Berry Taylor Rivera

O'Day Boleska Schrader Winegardner

Johnson Braddock Belfiore Tolliver Givens

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This was actually a lot harder than I first thought it was going to be, I kinda feel bad for asking Tony about it! This is my stab in the dark at the position players, I'm sure I left alot of people off. The amount of pitchers we have running around is absurd, so its going to be intense trying to sort through everyone, but hopefully I'll post my ideas on the Starters/Relievers depth chart later today.


C: Martinez--------------Joseph------------------Sawyer-----------------Kimmel

1B: Ishikawa-------------Townsend---------------Walker-----------------Delmonico

2B: Flaherty--------------Kelly--------------------Pena------------------Simpson

SS: Navarro-------------Schoop------------------Rosa-------------------Marin

3B: Wheeler------------ Waring------------------Narron------------------Boss

LF: Robinson------------Ruettinger--------------Nowak-------------------Lorenzo

CF: Avery----------------Pridie-------------------Mummey---------------Davis

RF: Hoes-----------------Welty-------------------Webb-----------------Bernadina

DH: Jackson-------------Baker-------------------Ohlman-----------------Flacco

4OF: Dickerson---------Greenberg----------------Bumbry-----------------Vega

C: Exposito--------------Ward-------------------San Miguel-------------Davis

B: Pearce----------------Britton----------------Sosnoskie---------------Esposito

MiF: Romero-------------Adair-------------------Wade--------------------Caronia


-For the bench guys, the 4th OFs have to be able to cover CF in a pinch, so that played into my thought process.

-The "B" guys (which just represents "Bench") are guys who dont really have a true position and/or are a serviceable at the corner spots and can come off the bench as pinch hitters (Though Sosnoskie was just kind of a shot in the dark here, but he's a former Hokie so I gotta stick him somewhere on this chart:D) The one exception is Esposito and I'm not really sure what to make of him. I know he comes with a strong defensive reputation but he didnt show it last year. Maybe he can move around, see if he can play a little 2B, and some OF, just to see if he can increase his value. I know it was his first season, but his bat was horrendous for a guy at low-A coming out of a major college baseball program.

-The Middle IF bench guys are guys who can play the up the middle positions and can kind of moved around. Adair hasnt played much SS, but I'm not sure who else fits here. The problem is there is no one to really spell Schoop since Kelly can't play SS either, so I might need to rethink that. Wade is this guy: http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=wade--001chr One of our Indy League signings, and since he's already 25, I figured he might be at Frederick or Bowie. Just a guess.

-I think the FO knows what Chris Dickerson can do, so I see him roaming around all 3 spots and DH'ing instead of getting everyday playing time like he's a prospect

-I think Robinson will be dropped from the 25 man in favor of Valencia and pass through waivers without being claimed

-I had a problem shuffling the AAA/AA catchers around. After three straight seasons at AA, I wanted to get Joseph to the Tides, but with Expo and Martinez around and on the 40-man, they're the next in line if Wieters/Tea go down. I also want Joseph starting, so maybe he'll move around between C-1B-OF-DH to allow Ward to get plenty of time since the pitchers love throwing to him apparently. I'm assuming if we keep both Martinez and Expo when the season starts they'll split playing time pretty evenly at AAA.

-The 1B/3B/DH situation at Frederick and Delmarva is pretty crowded where I can see guys shifting around and getting playing time at different spots

-Urrutia isn't on here because I have no idea whats going on with his visa situation. If he gets it sorted out and can join a team I see him in Frederick to start, taking Nowak's spot. I know he's been working out and all that, but by this point the dude has to have some rust.

Let me know if I left anyone off, I'm sure I did...or if you see anything that just doesnt look right.

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Starting Rotations:


1: Arrieta----------------D. Bundy----------------Rodriguez-------------Kline

2: Britton----------------Gausman----------------D. Jones----------------Bridwell

3: S. Johnson-----------Wilson-------------------T. Berry----------------Hobgood

4: Clark------------------Wright-------------------Davies-----------------M. Taylor

5: Pettit------------------Zagone ------------------Howard ---------------Guzman


-For Norfolk, I'm assuming that Jurrjens wins the 5th stater role for the big club, if hes ineffective or gets optioned to the minors, I see Arrieta taking the 5 spot. If we sign a guy like Saunders then I can see Pettit getting bumped back to Bowie or going to the bullpen.

-Health was the biggest question when going over the potential starting 5 for each of the full season clubs. Is Bobby Bundy healthy? If he is, I can see him pitching out of the bullpen. Same with Oliver Drake. Again with health, are they going to put Hobgood back in the rotation immediately? Keep him in extended ST for a bit to work on his stuff? That would change the look of the Delmarva rotation a bit. For now hes in it on this list

-Looking over the Indy League guys we signed, the only one who looks like he might work in the starting rotation is Recchia, but he'll probably be a long man in the Frederick or Bowie 'pen until someone comes up with an inevitable injury.

-There are some guys who I could see the team wanting to transition to starters, but first building up innings in the bullpen to control the amount of work they get for the year. Guys like Hader, Sander Beck, and Lex Rutledge could all start out in Delmarva or Frederick's bullpen and transition to the rotation. We saw this with guys like Jones and Taylor last year in an effort (I assume) to control the innings thrown.

-Is Tim Bascom still in the organization? I know he should be on the cusp of minor league free agency. If he's still around I could see him switching with Zagone in Bowie, but that would be 5 RHP's for their rotation.

Let me know if I left anyone off, I'm sure I did...or if you see anything that just doesnt look right.

Now on to the hardest part...bullpens!

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