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Yanks vs Jays This Month -- Who to Root For?


Yanks/Jays Matchup Preferred Outcome from an O's fan perspective  

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  1. 1. Yanks/Jays Matchup Preferred Outcome from an O's fan perspective

    • Yanks Win All 6
    • Jays Win All Six
    • 3-3

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Just want to see who you're going to root for in the 6 games the Jays and Yanks are going to play with each other this month.

Would you rather see a 3-3 split, see the Yanks win em all to set the Jays back in the WC chase, or see the Jays sweep the Yanks to bring them down to our level in the division.

Of course, the O's have to win no matter what.

I'd still like to take the division so I'm going to go out on a limb and hope for the Jays to sweep all six. If that happens the O's had better darn well keep pace, though. The Yanks sweeping all six is the "safer" outcome for the O's fan if only that it will be a major blow to a divisional WC rival. But I want more than the WC this year if we're going to go all in.

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The Orioles have gone 7-2 over their last 9 games.

If they DO NOT continue to win regularly, then it won't matter whether or not the Blue Jays or the Yankees gain the upper hand when they play each other head-to-head.

If they continue winning at AT LEAST a .550 or .560 clip over the next few weeks, then they will be in position to finish strong and grab one of the 3 postseason spots that are available to them.

If they continue to muddle around the .500 mark as they have done for the majority of the season, then they won't.

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I always root against the Yankees. Always. No exceptions.

So if the only way we were to get in the playoffs is if the Yankees beat whoever they were playing on the last day of the season you would still root against the Yankees?

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How is this even a question? Who in their right mind is rooting for the Yankees? Why are they allowed to post here if they do?

Yea, sorry but win or lose the Yankees are the Yankees. If the Jays crash and burn it could set the franchise back for multiple years.

I'd rather have that

Playing the long game.

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Blue Jays involved in another spat with the Royals yesterday. Manager, pitcher, and bench coach all ejected. Donaldson plunked by Royals starter because he was "pimping" on the basepaths on Saturday. Bautista hits double in 7th inning and is yapping at pitcher on way to 2nd base. I think I would prefer that the Yankees win these games as I think our way in is by the wild card. Man - these Blue Jays are real jerks. They play the game wrong --- but then again so do the Royals.

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