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5/25: A's at O's


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Pennington SS

Barton 1B

Sweeney RF

Suzuki C

Cust DH

Kouzmanoff 3B

Gross CF

Ellis 2B

Patterson LF

Braden P


Patterson LF

Lugo 2B

Markakis RF

Tejada 3B

Wigginton 1B

Jones CF

Wieters C

Atkins 1B

Izturis SS

Guthrie P

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What's happening? No television for me tonight.

The good news: Adam Jones ripped a single to left, extending his career-high hit streak to 11 games.

The bad news: Jones promptly got picked off first base. Trembley came out to argue the call, but to no avail.

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I know it's a small, minute detail, but it's a pet peeve of mine.

Just on TV, they showed a picture of the O's logo somewhere in the stadium. But, this is the pre-2009 version. The one with the tannish color instead of the silver.

You'd think they would have painted over it by now and just put on the new one...

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