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Spring Training Matters


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On 2/21/2017 at 9:54 AM, Frobby said:

This is one of those things where while there are general trends in the player population as a whole, individual players vary widely.    Nick Markakis peaked at 24.   Steve Pearce peaked at 31.   I personally think Rickard probably hasn't peaked.  

Barry Bonds and David Ortiz peaked in their late 30s. 

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On 2/21/2017 at 10:06 AM, Tony-OH said:

If you think spring training results is going to change starting positions against right-handers then I would disagree. ST is only going to determine the 4th/5th and long reliever roles barring any injuries.

I'm with you. It's practice. Warmup. And bottom three slotting. 

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“He was doing some things for us that we couldn’t find anybody to do the rest of the year. Then all of the sudden, there’s a different set of circumstances around you. All the sudden, you’re sitting there with (minor league) options. You’re sitting there with 10 or 12 outfielders in camp.

“It’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be almost impossible for him to have the type of spring he had last year. We’re not going to send somebody down because they’ve got options. We’re going to take the best 25 and five or six outfielders or whatever we end up with and go from there.

“So far, he looks like the same guy as last year. I know he’s not looking to give out advice to the other Rule 5 guys. Joey, he went from being a Rule 5 guy to doing commercials.”

It may be tougher for the Orioles to carry a Rule 5 pick this year. They have 12 outfielders in camp, including Aneury Tavárez and Anthony Santander. 

“A little bit, but it just takes some imagination,” Showalter said. “Games are getting started before too long. Guys like Michael and guys like Gentry and there are a couple more, they’ve got a track record because they’re still physically able to do those things. You’ve got an idea what you’re going to get.

“Each one is a little different. With Gentry, with the injuries he’s fought through, you know what he’s capable of. If you look back at last year, where we were last year with that group, we’re way ahead of that.”


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5 hours ago, Bahama O's Fan said:

Seems as though Buck is giving Mancini a chance early to see what he can do.

Makes all the sense in the world.   Bad day yesterday, but Buck's seen Mancini at his best so he's unlikely to get hung up on one bad game.   

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