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Trade Bait

Bahama O's Fan

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16 minutes ago, Bahama O's Fan said:

We seem to have a glutton of OF's. Should we consider trading one or more of them rather than risk losing them outright?

Who could you trade? What might you get? 

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1 minute ago, Bahama O's Fan said:

No idea; that's why I'm asking for the expert opinions of the regulars on here.

I don't have an expert opinion. But I'd guess the best major league piece we'd be likely to get for any of them is a middle reliever type. Not something I'd pull the trigger on now, but potentially useful down the road depending on Britton's recovery. Mancini, maybe he brings back more if there's a team that needs a hitter and really believes? But he doesn't seem like someone we'd be trading right now.

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I guess you could trade Smith if you ate his salary. I guess you could eat Kim's Salary and get back a 26 year old minor league pitcher. You could not trade Gentry. You better not trade Cap10America. Trumbo is not an outfielder nor is Mancini. They just play one on TV.  Santander would bring you back a pitcher far from the MLB. Bourne gets you nothing. 

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