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DFA Ubaldo


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18 minutes ago, Norfolk orioles said:

Dear Ubaldo, 




Seriously though enough is enough, he is a sunk cost, it's time to put him and us out of our misery.


If Buck really doesn't have the stones to DFA him, maybe he is the manager everyone says he is (aka a guy to stuck in his ways and old school to win it all).


I really am starting to wonder because games like tonight aren't even remotely good enough.





It's not Buck's decision, it's Dan's.

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7 minutes ago, El Gordo said:

It's not Buck's decision, it's Dan's.

No, it's Peter's. You don't think both of those guys badly wanted to get rid of Ubaldo last year? Only reason he stuck around was Petey wouldn't pony up the money to eat that contract. 

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17 minutes ago, El Gordo said:

The point being don't question Buck or his stones, for not DFA him.

He has to stand up to Dan and stand up for the good of the team.


Ubaldo is not competitive most nights out and must routinely be saved by the bullpen early in games.


He is hamstringing Buck and then pen and something HAS to be done.

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2 hours ago, eddie83 said:

Can't send him down. Not as big of a deal without Zach but he limits them down there. He was ok out of pen at times but he is also a guy up big in a blowout you cant. trust. 

Best thing may be a phantom DL move and then he goes on minor league assignment. 

I'm sure Buck has an intern drilling a pothole in the parking lot for Ubaldo to "accidentally" sprain his ankle right now. 

Ubaldo cannot be allowed to start another game if the O's have serious aspirations to play in the postseason. 

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10 hours ago, Uli2001 said:

Can someone explain why Ubaldo Jimenez is still starting for the Baltimore Orioles? Anyone? Bueller?

Because Buck is to loyal for his own and the teams good sometimes. he continues to send that guy out there expecting different results. Insanity.

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9 hours ago, Nevermore said:

Not just Wilson. The offense that just couldn't get it together. The whole f- - - ing team.  :down:

Exactly how many runs does an offense have to score to win in the major leagues? I mean come on, 6 flippin runs was enough to win that game. Especially knowing it was 5-0. We can't pitch, period and because of that we are not a serious contender, we are a pretender.

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23 minutes ago, Phantom said:

I guess I understand why he is still on the team, but I have no idea why he is not in the bullpen.

This is exactly how I feel.  I get why they are keeping him ($), but I cannot fathom as to why he is still in the rotation.

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I would love to give Asher a shot and move Ubaldo to the bullpen. Problem is, that would cost a shuttle spot, which in turn would prevent us from keeping Kim. Ubaldo would have to be DFA, but what happens if Asher fails and then Ubaldo is gone? 


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So much for Spring Training quotes.


"In the first couple of workdays, I could tell," Showalter said. "I was telling Roger, 'Have you done anything with him?' He said, 'no.' I'm hoping he found something last year and he's going to run with it this year."


“It has been,” manager Buck Showalter said before today’s game. “I actually think this is the best arm strength and consistent delivery he’s had since I’ve had him here, so I hope that bodes well. I’m happy with where he is. Talk to me after the game and we’ll see. The other team is going to tell me if that’s still doing well today.”





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