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Kevin Brady will go to Clemson

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Although today is all about good news with the signing of Brian Matusz, the Hangout learned that high school pitcher Kevin Brady has decided he wants to go to Clemson. You have to give credit to the Orioles, especially Joe Jordan and Dean Albany for giving Brady a great run.

In the end, Brady decided it was not about money, but the fact that he wanted to go to college and pitch for Clemson.

It's unfortunate for us as Orioles fans that he will not sign, but I will certainly wish him well and hope he has a great career at Clemson.

Oh well, the Orioles did draft Mussina twice. The first time he decided to go to Stanford... you never know.

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I hope he does well for himself, but anything can happen. The draft really is a crap shoot, particularly for high schoolers.

We did draft Mussina twice, but we also drafted Nathan Nery twice, too. The first time was in the top ten. He chose to go to school, and three years later we got him much cheaper at a lower draft slot. He isn't exactly burning up the minor leagues now, either.

Then there's the case of Alex Hart. We drafted him in the second round in 1998 out of high school, and came within a whisker of signing him.

But he chose to go to Florida instead, spent four years there, and fell to the Pirates in the fifth round in 2002. He did well in the minors, but never made it above high A because of injuries. (He also had elbow problems in university.)

Let's be happy with what we got. We really did get a lot.

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We did not sign landers either. I don't think he was ever close to signing. We took a good shot at Brady, but as Tony said he decided on college at the end.

Brady is good. He was reportedly pitching at 92-96 3 nights ago and struck out 19 in a pretty good tournament in PA.

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