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Re-tread thread: Salary Cap

The Rick

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I know this has been discussed many times before, but this makes me sick. It's simply not fair to have such a disparity in payroll in the league. Talent is one thing, the Twins/A's/Braves have always done a good job at putting a competitive team on the field by making brilliant FO decisions backed by brilliant philosophies and a sound FO. But to flat out buy a winning team is just not fair. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach every time we play the Yankees and go through their line up of 7 regular's batting over .300.

It just sucks that nothing will be done about this, at least not any time soon.

To me the no-salary cap rule is just as much as a competitive disadvantage as players juicing.

It does make it that much better when the Yankees choke in the playoffs though (knock on wood). :D

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