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Jay Johnson (25th round) fails physical

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    • I think the development system was his biggest downfall. Though the blacklisting from S. Korea isn't great either.  They could draft well, but not develop well as evidence by some of his draft prospects thriving in the new Orioles environment.  On a side note, I blame Angelos and company more than DD for the delay (and ultimately the poor execution) in selling off the core of the 2012-2016 teams. I think its better practice to bring in a new GM to down the dismantling. As unbias as someone tries to be, its got to be harder for the GM that built the team to dismantle it without some level of bias. 
    • I don't think anyone will disagree with any of that, but I think Wildcard was saying that a hopefully contending team still has players from the Duquette regime contributing five years later. I'm going to pick Elias 1000 times in 1000 for the way baseball is played now with technology, but Duqutte did do several good things and did build a team that had a core run. Obviously Buck gets some credit here too for that run, but before the Toronto thing happened that sucked most of Duquette's power away, They were a great duo when it came to putting a winning major league team on the field. The drafting was pretty solid behind Rajsich but the development was clearly behind the times and that hurt the organization. Elias is heads and shoulders above anything Duquette installed development wise.
    • Fangraphs with a belated look at the Irvin trade: “As Eric pointed out to me, Hernaiz was going to have a tough time climbing the hitter-heavy Baltimore system, so he was a luxury there. In that sense, this trade is a good reallocation of resources. Baltimore is competing in a brutal division at the major league level and could use pitching help. Oakland is competing for the first pick in the draft and is in dire need of a farm system overhaul. I don’t think this trade is going to swing the AL East or West anytime soon, but I do think it’s a good bit of business by two rational teams with differing objectives.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/cole-comfort-orioles-bolster-rotation-in-trade-with-oakland/ There’s some breakdown of Irvin’s stuff in the article, nothing earth-shattering.   
    • Hopefully you know that Dan Duquette had nothing to do with the Chris Davis signing, right? Peter Angelos made that signing at the behest of Buck Showalter.
    • It's apparent that the O's are acquiring pitching that's closer to ready while developing hitting. It's not like they don't have young pitchers too, but they must see more risk there. Just look at the staff now. It's mostly guys who had already worked their way through some of the developmental steps. The O's identify guys they think they can help and go get them, mostly for very cheap.  That's not a mistake or an oversight. It's their model based strategy. Now you may think you have a better model, but I kind of doubt it. We also haven't seen this plan fully mature yet. The international guys aren't ready and many of the draft picks are just starting to get to the higher levels. Heck, we've just now started to implement trading prospect bats for pitching and we got 4 years control of an average starter for our 6th-7th best SS prospect.    This isn't exhaustive, but here's a lot of our top guys and how they were acquired. I'd say we have a decent staff even before maturation of the system and/or making many hitting prospect for pitcher trades. Gibson, Voth, Watkins, Baker, Bautista, Wells, Givens, Krehbiel  - Signed or claimed Bradish, Kremer, Zimmermann, Tate, Irvin, Perez, Vespi - Via Trade Hall, Rodriguez, Means, Baumann, Akin - Homegrown  
    • Honestly I don’t know why anyone would want to buy a minority interest in the Orioles at this stage.  That would be such an exercise in frustration.  I guess it could be a decent investment financially because franchise values only go up, but I wouldn’t want to tie up my money in any enterprise controlled by the Angelos family.  
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