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Colorado's Defense


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I just read the article on Slate about Colorado's defensive prowess. Interesting, well-written -- but the author goes a bit far, IMO. Here's part of the opening paragraph:

"This year's Colorado Rockies are perhaps the greatest defensive team in baseball history. It's even possible that their defensive prowess will change the way the game is played and the way teams are constructed."

Now, I'm not close to the level of knowledge of some of the OH historians 'round here (paging Mr. Hazewood) nor am I far along with my stat studies (paging...everybody else), so I want to know: are the Rockies really the best defensive team ever? And are they really playing a brand of baseball out there in Denver that will change the way teams are put together? What say you, Hangouters?

Whoops - forgot the link: http://www.slate.com/id/2176565/fr/rss/

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