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A week in Bmore


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Don't like adding a new thread for this, but now I am back in the rainy and blustery UK, I just wanted to say that despite all the doom and gloom and falling-skies, I have had a thoroughly enjoyable week at OPACY taking in 7 games in 7 days and still think the ballpark is one of the best sporting venues in the world.

Our inconsistency at the moment has many well-documented root causes however we are still only 2 games out in the AL East, which feels like a break at the moment in a 'season starts here' kind of way.

The chopping and changing of the line up isn't helping and there are too many good players either on the DL, or recently returned from the DL and yet to find their rhythm. That situation should ease.

I'm not suggesting we will suddenly lead MLB in offensive stats, but can we gain enough consistency between now and the fall to overturn a 2 game deficit? Absolutely - and winning is contagious and nothing will fuel confidence like a small run of wins right now.

Ok, so I am probably looking at this through orange-tinted glasses but I think certain points so far this season - be it the routing of the Red Sox at home, or the O'Day escape/JJ walk off on Friday - show glimmers of the true quality we are capable of.

Last year I visited at a similar time at about the time we we hitting .500, and whilst they couldn't do it over the last week, the season still has yet to be defined in my opinion. A road trip will probably do the team good right now, and then a nice run against AL East opposition at home. As I said, the season starts now.

And finally, really good to meet Weams and his family this week. Nice to make a real-world connection this time. Need to start saving for my next trip now :)

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I think a lot of what you said is true about things coming around. The truth is we are in a very bad division. We don't have to be but so good to win the division. I still think we are the most complete team in the division.

Its funny though because if I stopped following until October and you told me we won the division by 10 games I'd say yep makes sense. But in the same way if you told me we lost it by 5 or 6 games to some other team who gets hot at the right team I'd be like yep.

I think we just need to get into the playoffs and see what happens.

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