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[Orioles] possible trade candidates

Cheese Oriole

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Here are some names that might be available at the deadline Duke may be interested in:


David Murphy

Ben Zobrist

Josh Reddick

Ben Revere

Carlos Gomez


Aaron Harang

Kyle Lohse


Will Smith


An upgrade in left field and another bullpen arm is what I think will happen again.

I like Ben Revere for 2nd in order and backup CF. He eliminates Lough and frees up a roster spot.

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What would be the price for Will Smith? He is just hitting first year of arb, under control until 2020. Arguably, he is more valuable to them than Carlos Gomez, and Gomez is going to cost a lot. Andrew Miller cost Eduardo just for a two month rental. I don't see that one happening.

Unfortunately, I don't see any impactful lefty available for a rental type deal. Maybe Oliver Perez or Eric O'Flaherty, but both have struggled this year. O'Flaherty would be cool just for the novelty of a Flaherty and O'Flaherty on the same team.

I don't like Harang or Lohse any more than the guys we got right now.

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Not sure why we need a more expensive version of David Lough.

Revere makes 8x as much as Lough. It's not like it would be a significant upgrade. And you'd have to give up a prospect or two for him. Not a good idea at all.

With Revere you'd be trading power and defense for steals. Steals are awesome. Can't we steal our way to the pennant?

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I think we'll make a trade but we have to see how our own 25 man roster shakes out. We still have Schoop and W.Wright on rehab assignments. What to do with Norris. Then we have to see what the corner OF situation looks like. I could see a trade for a rental reliever.

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That can't be right. Cargo is owed like $50M over the next 2.5 years, Snider makes in a year what he makes in a month. He has to be better. The Rockies paid for wins. The showed commitment to their fans. I don't get it.

I don't think you know who you speak of Carlos Gomez is a Brewer who has never been paid by the Rockies.

And is owed only 9 mill next year and had over a 4 war last year. So pssst he would be an upgrade.

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