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Things I Hate to See

Bahama O's Fan

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The Yankees in first place in the division.

I mean' date=' I don't enjoy seeing anyone there besides us, but to see the Yankees there, just makes my heart wring with disgust.

Feel free to put your own "hate to see things" up here.[/quote']

Had the Orioles been winning while the Yankees were busy losing, you wouldn't be feeling the angst. Wasted opportunities.

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Young, exciting player go down with an injury.

No hitter broken up by soft hit.

Kevin Gausman in a Tides uniform.

Anything that makes me realize it's been 13.5 years since Cal retired.

Adam Jones NOT blowing bubbles.

Nick Markakis in another team's uniform (purely emotional -- I don't have any issue with the baseball decision-making).

Any argument for a "best ever defensive play" that isn't Ozzie Smith's barehanded diving stop and throw:

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pCwNNqgrKOM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Toronto fans cheering. Or, I guess, Toronto fans period.

Adam Jones lunging at and fanning on a slider that's a foot or so outside.

Chris Davis grounding out into the shift.

Mark Teixeira.

A zero in the totals line under BB in the Oriole batters' box score.

An Oriole getting picked off.

A crowd shot at the Trop -- I don't hate it, but it's depressing.

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    • What would it take to get Danny Jansen? McCann has been an offensive zero and is on pace for 220 ABs. A solid backup catcher would really help on those nights when Adley is DHing. 
    • The bottom line is that right now they feel the team is better balancing offense and defense with Urias and/or Mateo playing the infield over bringing up Mayo.  That opinion may change tomorrow or it might not until much later.  They think they will win more games with the veterans than throwing another rookie in the mix.  I think they will give Kjersted a good 3-4 week run and if he produces that will continue.  Kjersted and/or Mayo could also get traded for the right deal as well if it significantly helps the pitching staff.  
    • Higher than Tarik Skubal? The guy is a top 10 starter in baseball. 
    • The offense will be fine.  You can’t expect them to score 5 runs a game against the best pitching staffs.  The last 4 of 5 series we have faced the Braves 8th in ERA, the Phillies 1st in ERA, the Yankees 2nd in ERA, and the Guardians, 5th in ERA.  The Astros are 20th but Blanco is 3rd in ERA and Valdez is very good.  The other teams have good players as well so it comes down to getting a few timely hits and converting your chances.  We need someone to get that big hit which we haven’t gotten the last 3 games going 1-14.  
    • I got to ask Kevin Brown a question today. So I asked him which stadium has the best broadcast booth. He responded by saying that Camden Yards does, and that he was not saying that as a homer, but (and I am paraphrasing) that with size, dimension and placement as consideration, the one at Camden Yards is just the best.
    • Westburg has 8-9 errors too...
    • You could say the exact same thing about the last three games skewing the data that the offense a lot.  They had scored 4.6 runs a game against the Braves, Phillies, and Yankees going into the last game against New York.  That is with facing Fried, Suarez, Wheeler, Cortes, and Cole along with a very good to great bullpen from the Braves, Yanks, and Phillies.  The Phillies have the best ERa in the league at 3.09 and we scored 17 runs in 3 games which is almost 6 runs a game.  The Yankees Era is 3.21 and we scored 9 runs in two games then 17 the last game.  The Braves ERa is 3.59 and we scored 11 runs in 3 games.  So to say the offense has not been good for two weeks is just wrong.  They haven’t been good for the last 3 games.  They were decent vs the Braves, great against the Phillies, pretty good 1st two games vs Yanks.  Amazing the last Yankees game and 1st Astros game and then been horrible last 3.  
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