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Milwaukee trade


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The Orioles don't have junior lake

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Well, actually he was dfa, so the Orioles have 10 days to trade him if they can. Nonetheless, Jungmann isn't happening. Way off on that, I'm afraid. Lucky to get a C prospect for Lake.

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What? I'm being serious? We need pitching, they need outfielders. I don't see the problem here

We need good pitching, and they need good outfielders.

The Brewers are not going to give us a good (or even a pretty good) pitcher for someone who is a bad outfielder.

Lake's career OBP in the Major Leagues is .278. His career OBP at the AAA-level is .374 in roughly the same number of plate appearances. He's only 23 years old, so he still may improve eventually, as he has very good numbers at the highest level of the minors ...... but teams aren't going to give you good for bad, even if the bad is still very young with the potential to get better.

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