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Cal Ripken: "Beltre the best third baseman he's ever seen. Sorry Brooksie."


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    • I thought this was a cool story about Byron Buxton, but Rubenstein also shows how to treat a young fan right, and earn some good PR at the same time.  After a young fan had an autographed Buxton ball stolen out of the usher's hands that was intended for him, this is what happened the next day.  When they pulled into the parking lot, they found a direct message waiting for them from the Orioles, instructing them to call a phone number. On the line was a representative of new Orioles owner David Rubenstein, inviting the family to sit in Rubenstein’s own seats in the front row adjacent to home plate, with a bag of Orioles goodies also waiting for them.  https://www.mlb.com/news/byron-buxton-twins-orioles-help-young-fan-who-was-wronged
    • Webb looked bad yesterday, Means looked really bad, Wells and Perez are injured, Baumann can't throw strikes, Heasley is awful, Norfolk starters need more time, and we're all holding our breath on Bradish.  There are plenty of innings available in Baltimore.  If Suarez shows he can be effective, he'll be here for a while.  Heck, I'm happy ME grabbed Ramirez when he did.
    • Yeah, I’d forgotten about the FA ramifications of this.  
    • Holiday is clearly swinging through too many pitches, but he's also been getting killed by his good eye. Umpires have been absolutely killing him on pitches out of the zone being called strikes putting him in a bad hitting counts.  The good news is the Orioles are winning while he's been taking these lumps. He has looked overmatched at times and at other times he's been just unlucky with bad umpiring. I think he gest until 1 May to turn it around and then they have to consider giving him a mental break if he's still getting dominated.  He's going to be fine overall and I'm not concerned. Am I little surprised he's been this bad, sure. I don't think anyone thought with his numbers in AAA that he would be this bad at the very start. Still, it's very early to draw any conclusions.
    • Yeah, and if there are ever minimal injuries at the same time, much more than one person. Only 13 spots for 17 guys: Locks (Some have options, but obviously won’t be) 1. Burnes 2. Rodriguez 3. Bradish 4. Kimbrel 5. Cano 6. Coulombe Options 7. Means (*but could reject the option and elect FA) 8. Kremer 9. Wells 10. Akin 11. Tate Out of options 12. Perez 13. Irvin 14. Suárez  15. Webb 16. Baumann 17. Ramirez   I’d DFA those last 3 names before Suárez if it came down to it, but likely there would be some combination of ILs & options, even if Tate is the only clear option candidate now. Perhaps Wells gets optioned to work back into a RP but that would be short term.  I think all of our out of options guys would get claimed, except perhaps Ramirez - but the Orioles traded cash considerations for him to jump the waiver priority so clearly they think he would have gotten claimed before them. 
    • I think everyone just needs to relax.   If we're still having this conversation in 2 weeks, then maybe they will send him back down.  I'm guessing that the kid figures it out and will be fine.  
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