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Adam Jones's 2012 season cost Jeter $2M


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I was looking at Jeter's contract this morning and noticed an odd clause.

He made $15M in '11, $16M in '12 and will make $17M in '13. In 2014, he has a player option for only $8M but he has reward incentives that could boost it up to $17M depending on how he performs in 2011-2013 (winning MVP's, Gold Gloves etc).

Last year, Jeter had a terrific year despite his age. Many are questioning if he will ever see that type of production again. In the 3 year window to make money via performance achievements, 2012 was his year.

He gained $1.5M for winning the silver slugger and would have earned $2M for ranking 2-6th in MVP voting. Here's the vote totals for 2012:

1. Miguel Cabrera

2. Mike Trout

3. Adrian Beltre

4. Robinson Cano

5. Josh Hamilton

6. Adam Jones

7. Derek Jeter

There's still a chance he has a really nice 2013 and gets a few more of those incentives checked off, but as a long time Jeter hater, it's nice to see an Oriole prevent him from something.


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