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Adam Jones's 2012 season cost Jeter $2M


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I was looking at Jeter's contract this morning and noticed an odd clause.

He made $15M in '11, $16M in '12 and will make $17M in '13. In 2014, he has a player option for only $8M but he has reward incentives that could boost it up to $17M depending on how he performs in 2011-2013 (winning MVP's, Gold Gloves etc).

Last year, Jeter had a terrific year despite his age. Many are questioning if he will ever see that type of production again. In the 3 year window to make money via performance achievements, 2012 was his year.

He gained $1.5M for winning the silver slugger and would have earned $2M for ranking 2-6th in MVP voting. Here's the vote totals for 2012:

1. Miguel Cabrera

2. Mike Trout

3. Adrian Beltre

4. Robinson Cano

5. Josh Hamilton

6. Adam Jones

7. Derek Jeter

There's still a chance he has a really nice 2013 and gets a few more of those incentives checked off, but as a long time Jeter hater, it's nice to see an Oriole prevent him from something.


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    • Baseball Reference adjusts for quality of offenses faced, park factor, and team defense. Orioles team dWAR is 1.0; White Sox is -4.7. First guess is Fedde is getting a lot of credit for achieving the same run prevention in front of inferior fielders. Burnes has faced KCx2, Was, Mil, Tam, Sea, Torx2, Bosx2, Oak, Chw, NYY, LA. Fedde has faced KCx2, Was, Mil, Tam, Sea, Tor, Bal, Min, CLEx2, Ari, STL, and Det. Doesn't seem like a huge difference there. So it's probably the fielding adjustment. Is the White Sox stadium especially hitter-friendly?
    • Rizzo just got hurt. Bad throw by 1B caused a collision at 1B. Rizzo while safe bumped into P and fell on ground.    He was grabbing his wrist/hand. Left game.    Red Sox are also in process of blowing the lead. 
    • I’ll agree and disagree. It’s not so important with this number of games left to juggle pitchers around since you are still playing the long game.     Bye teams going 3-5 in the DS have shown it’s not an impossible hill to climb. That said I think both teams still value winning the division. 
    • I totally agree. Some are still stuck in the mindset that we're a bad team. 
    • That's good.  Will give him something to do while he heals.
    • Huh? He's on pace to start under 100 games at Catcher.
    • Keith Law has him going late 1st round and doesn’t sound like a fan.   26. New York Yankees: Christian Moore, 2B, Tennessee Moore has probably performed his way into the first round, even though the underlying tools and instincts don’t support it. He’s hit 23 homers and has a .380/.446/.774 line (through Monday) as part of the Vols’ loaded lineup, where five hitters already have 15 or more homers. I could also see them on Ryan Waldschmidt or Jordan. Baseball America’s most recent mock had him going 19.  Some reservations about his defense. 19. Mets — Christian Moore, 2B, Tennessee Moore’s offensive consistency in his three years with Tennessee is impressive. He’s posted a 1.000 OPS or better in each season, has hit over .300 in each season and has managed double-digit homers in each season—with a career-best 28 homers in 2024. He did that while cutting his strikeout rate from 24-25% to 14.5%. There are real questions with how much he’ll be able to pick it at second base. Still, he has one of the more proven bats in the class and is getting tons of top-20 buzz.
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