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O's 2015 Payroll


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If everyone that has been called up stays in the majors for the rest of the year.

2015 Payroll Estimate

1) 13m Jones - CF

2) 12.25m Jimenez - SP1

3) 12m Davis - 1B/RF (one game suspension)

4) 11.5m Hardy - SS (on the DL)

5) 8.647m Norris - SP (Released)(-153K paid by the Padres)

6) 8.3m Wieters - C/1B

7) 4.75m Chen - SP2

8) 4.315m Tillman - SP3

9) 4.25m O'Day - RP1

10) 4m De Aza - OF (Traded, O?s pay most of his 5m salary)

11) 3.7m Pearce - COF/DH/1B/2B

12) 3.275m Gonzalez - SP4

13) 3.2m Britton - RP2

14) 3.2m Matusz - RP3 (suspended for 8 games)

15) 3m Hunter - RP (Traded; Cubs picked up 1.65M in salary)

16) 2.4m Cabrera - IF (Released)

17) 2.25m Young - RF (Released)

18) 2.215m Parra - LF/RF(Traded for; prorated portion of 6.237M)

19) 2.005m Snider - OF (Released)(Pirates pay .095m)

20) 2m Markakis - (Buyout)

21) 1.605m W. Wright - RP (Released)(Angels pay .095m)

22) 1.075m Flaherty - UIF

23) .668m Reimold - OF (prorated portion of 1.025m)

24) .548m Machado - 3B

25) .5255m Lough - OF (DFA?d)

26) .523m Brach - RP4

27) .515m Joseph - C

28) .515m Paredes - DH/PH

29) .515m Schoop - 2B

30) .5075m Garcia - RP5

31) .5m Bonilla (deferred compensation)

32) .453m Gausman - SP5 (prorated portion of .522m salary)

33) .445m Bundy (in the minors)

34) .373m Roe - RP (prorated portion of .5075m salary)

35) .310m Parmelee (prorated portion of .540m salary) (DFA'd)

36) .279m M Wright - SP(prorated portion of .5075m salary)

37) .273m McFarland - RP6 (prorated portion of .519m salary)

38) .192m Givens - RP7 (prorated portion of .5075m salary)

39) .184m Clevenger - C (prorated portion of .514m salary)

40) .169m Janish - UIF (prorated portion of .75m salary) guess

41) .151m Lavarnway (prorated portion of .514 salary) (DFA'd)

42) .117m Drake - RP (prorated portion of .5075 salary)

43) .103m Wilson - RP (prorated portion of .5075m salary)

44) .100m Rondon - RP (prorated portion of .5075m salary)

45) .095m Alvarez - OF (prorated portion of .5075m salary)

46) .095m Rondon - RP (prorated portion of .5075m salary)

47) .095m S Johnson - P (prorated portion of .5075m salary)

48) .092m Lake - OF (prorated portion of .524m salary)

49) .060m Webb (cash sent with Webb in trade)

50) .056m Walker - 1B/DH (prorated portion of .5075 salary)

51) .042m Navarro - 2B (prorated portion of .550m salary)

52) .039m Urrutia - OF (prorated portion of .5075m salary)

53) .014m Cabral - RP (prorated portion of .51m salary- guess)

54) .006m Gamboa - RP (prorated portion of .525m salary)

Sub Total 121.498m in earned salary

Minus 2.25m deferred from Jimenez

Minus 2m deferred from Hardy(best guess)

Minus .139m for Matusz 8 game suspension

Minus .065m Davis one day suspension

Total 117.044m with deferred salaries

It has been reported that 6.5M of Hardy's contract is deferred but no word yet on how it is distributed over the contract term.

Signing bonuses are shown in the year they are paid. Performance bonuses are not included.

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Love how you got Cabral and Gamboa in there. A+ for thoroughness. Accountant by trade?

No. Business Developer before I retired. I keep track of all O's transactions throughout the year. Keep a running total. I've been doing it for years. I was not satisfied with the numbers that COT's and Baseball Reference keep for salary. They lose so much when there are trades. Deferred salary is a big deal and no source I have found keeps records on it.

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AJ is a bargain at $13 million for the production, defense and leadership he brings...at least we have that....Bobby Bonilla's $.5mil deferred is baffling to an average fan like me....

Great job Wildcard.

Fantastic job Wildcard, thank you for posting this.

I too have always been puzzled about why the Orioles owe Bonilla deferred compensation. Wasn't it the Mets who signed the deferred compensation contract with Bonilla, after he had finished playing for the Orioles?

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