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    • OK, this ran it's course, doubled back, hit a wall, and continued on with 3 flat tires.
    • That…doesn’t make sense. Chapman and Ozuna are still playing. Why’s that?
    • Yeah, no one likes to lose and yes, I have concerns mostly about the decimated pitching staff, but this team is very good.
    • Keep going and I’m sure you’ll start defending Ben Chapman. 
    • Even though he didn't get him, Kjerstads throw to second was on the money. While I don't like to bash any players, I'd have been surprised if Cowser's throw from there was any closer than the mound.
    • Yeah, I think that's why he's here.  I hope he makes the most of it.
    • https://x.com/Bauhttps://x.co m/BauerOutage/status/1780338438794854527erOutage/status/17803384387948545https://x.com/MinEffPodcast/status/1780855434615881998 27https://x.com/ChayaRaichik10/status/1709048057579581781 Bauer is guilty of what many men on this board are guilty of: Having TERRIBLE taste in women into our 20's. His recent experience with these types of women could very likely have been his growing up moment. However, unlike us, he's a millionaire. A lot more to extort. He's not guilty of sexual assault, he's guilty of entertaining terrible women. The women I pursued in my 20's weren't the best bc like most people in their 20s, they are still mostly inexperienced and conditioned by society to pursue the wrong women.  Then you grow up, learn from these shitty relationships, change, and find a good woman and treat her good. But again, we weren't on TV every night like Bauer. Much easier for us to move one from our immature choices with less scrutiny as we grow up. (And those immature moments for me weren't beating women so STFU before you start in; those immature choices were simply pursuing immature women) If you look at the bigger picture, MLB weaponized its own systems to punish Bauer. MLB doesn't like Trevor Bauer, plain and simple. He was challenging MLB on several topics such as their shitty marketing, the sticky stuff, etc before these false sexual assaults were brought upon him.  There are many reasons to dislike people; many of those reasons are not worthy of banning them, putting them in prison, silencing them, or neutralizing them. Bauer may not be likeable, but he's no more guilty of a crime than anyone else on an MLB roster. Thinking is hard, so most people judge. When I see the typical "shut down the Trevor Bauer talk" comments, I can only assume those same folks make their judgements with a very thin fingernail scratch of the surface, terrified to unpack, terrified to be judged themselves, so lets be safe and agree with mob mentality.  If you agree with the status quo, the delivered-from-the-top message on Trevor Bauer, then I assume this is how you make your opinions on almost everything "news worthy." Its okay, its a safe way to live, excepting the mainstream narrative with little thought or reason. You receive less scrutiny living that way. In this case, MLB is the authority figure; you are being spoon fed their word on Bauer; personally I don't trust authority; they haven't done much to earn trust historically. I say the O's be bold and sign Trevor Bauer for league min. MLB weaponized its own system to punish Bauer. I don't know Bauer as a person; he may be a bad dude; hell, it may come out that he is a serial rapist one day (I don't think that's the case), but based on all the information that has come to light on him, these were false sexual abuse cases, and he's on par with every player in MLB as far as merit and should be allowed to play in league. If you are against Trevor Bauer being allowed back into the league, you have ignored evidence and fact, and I can make several predictions about how you have been living your life the last 4 years.
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