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Who will be the O's 5th starter?


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I think you gotta go with Wells to start the year. He had a nice 1st half last year, and he could hold it down until Means or Bradish are ready to return.

Is he being stretched out in ST, or does it look like they're slotting him for the bullpen right out of the gate?

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23 minutes ago, oriolediehard said:

The projected 4 starters are:

Burns, ERod, Irvin and Kremer. Who will be our 5th starter to start the season?

Signing ERod would have been great! 🙂

But yeah, agreeing with the others, it's Wells. And that's fine, he's pretty good. The pen is on shakier ground without him though. 

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38 minutes ago, Philip said:

Far more pertinent is who will our 6,7, and 8 starters be?

 I agree.  I’m very comfortable with Irvin and Wells for now.  But if another injury occurred, we’d be in uncharted territory. 

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As much as I thought signing a FA would work, we may just have to hold firm with what we got unless we get another injury. In the season we can make a trade if it came to it. The only guy that may make sense is Lorenzen since he has bullpen experience. In the case that literally everyone is healthy. 


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