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6/2 Orioles @ M's


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Per Roch.

For the Orioles:

Brian Roberts - 2B

Adam Jones - CF

Nick Markakis - RF

Aubrey Huff - DH

Melvin Mora - 3B

Ty Wigginton - 1B

Matt Wieters - C

Nolan Reimold - LF

Cesar Izturis - SS

David Hernandez - RHP

For the Mariners:

Ichiro Suzuki - RF

Russell Branyan - 1B

Adrian Beltre - 3B

Ken Griffey Jr. - DH

Jose Lopez - 2B

Yuniesky Betancourt - SS

Rob Johnson - C

Endy Chavez - LF

Franklin Gutierrez - CF

Erik Bedard - LHP

(A little baseball superstition...first time ever starting a game thread last night, and we win a freaking 1-0 game. Whatsayou we try for another).

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Two lefties back to back in the 3 and 4 spots? Okey...

I'm thinking now would be a perfect time to experiment with Nick in the 2 hole and Jones batting 3rd.(Nick performed their well last year) With Nick's recent slump, a spot where he would need to be at his most selective might be best.

I think trying Riemold up further in the order would be something DT should try, as everyone is saying.

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