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Chris Lee - Norfolk


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Chris Lee is having kind of a bizarre season at Norfolk.   Overall, his ERA is pretty terrible (5.84) but it seems like he alternates between being very good and very bad.   He's had six starts where he was knocked out in less than four innings, pitching to a 17.47 ERA in those games.     On the other hand, he's had 8 games when he went at least 5 innings and allowed 2 runs or fewer (and went 6+ in 6 of those), throwing to a 1.55 ERA in those games.   Then there's two so-so games in the middle.   

Overall, I still think there's a promising pitcher in there somewhere.    The O's may have made a mistake promoting him to AAA after throwing only 51.1 innings in AA last year before he got shut down with a lat strain that wouldn't go away.     At this point, though, he may be beginning to adjust (4.50 ERA in June), and maybe by the end of the year he'll be back in the picture if he can find some consistency.   

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1 hour ago, Cumberbundy said:

His k/bb numbers were atrocious last year, they're nearly as bad this year. 

Well, the K's are up to a respectable (not dominant) level, but the walks are also up.   We'll see how the second half goes.   

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