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vs. RED SOX, 8/26


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    • Uh huh... see all of my posts about the more to SS than just arm strength. It's ok.. keep circling this. If the O's end up moving on from Gunnar in five or six years and they slide JH over to SS then, I'm sure that you will come back and point to how you predicted him as a ML SS in 2024. Good fer you, bud.     
    • We knew he was healthy last summer, no?   He pitched in five games in August/September and was throwing 96, I believe.  
    • How was I wrong about something that is yet to be proven?     And you have definitely hinted that he won’t be a good option at SS now or in the future…and that is with or without Gunnar or Ortiz.
    • Pretty sure that I've stated consistently that I feel that he will improve and that he can probably play there but that he's never going to be their top defensive option at a premier defensive position, on a team that has demonstrated their prioritization of defense up the middle. It's ok that you were wrong about something. I know that's difficult for you to accept.  
    • This is true..for 2024. We will see if this is true beyond that. There is more to SS than just arm strength.  I doubt Holliday will ever have Gunnar’s arm strength, no matter how much he works on it. 
    • When you have Gunnar Henderson on the team, I don’t believe Holliday moves him off SS.  If I’m reading baseball savant correctly, Gunnar averages 84 mph on his throws and topped at 90.2. I’m not saying Holliday isn’t special, I’m just saying Gunnar is the better fit at SS and Holliday is going to start the year at 2B. There are plenty of teams that Holliday would be there starting SS but the Os aren’t one. He may fill in there. 
    • romorr 1:02 If there was a Baltimore Oriole pitching prospect in next years top 100, can you give me your two best guesses? Baumeister and De Leon?   Eric A Longenhagen 1:02 nailed it with Baumeister i think   1:03 you guys are good at this and basically guessing the names in this next piece   jakefromboonesfarm 1:03 Lots of distance between major rankings of Kjerstad/Cowser, neither of whom blew any doors off in majors last year.  What separates them so much in your eval?   Eric A Longenhagen 1:04 Kjerstad's physicality and barrel control > Cowser. Cowser is a more discerning hitter but doesn't have nearly as much physical talent. Heston looked bulky and strong during '22 AFL, looked super cut and explosive in 2023, I thought he hit a different gear
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