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The End is Nigh- Or is it?


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But the new beginning could look bright!  I'm back, I've been lurking and have logged in for the first time since 2012.   Which probably tells me that this was a place that I associated commiserating that long dreadful period of futility.   Now that the time for that appears to be approaching again, here I am, seems dreadfully negative when I think about it that way. Since 2012 I tried to live like a Yankee fan, going to games, watching and listening to every game on TV, and enjoying our playoff runs, what a wonderfully happy time they've given us during this recent period of success.

After this dreadful start to the season, the best thing we can hope for is a series of good trades, and the #1 overall pick next year.  Let's stop pussyfooting around and really blow it up and rebuild, in the years we sucked, we won just enough to lose out on top 3 picks. Why bother? 

Now it's time to prepare for the inevitable few years of rebuilding and retooling.  My inner GM has now migrated from OOTP back to the forums, does the end really have to be nigh?  

The Astros are punching themselves in the face for a closer upgrade,   Britton's trade value is reduced, but between him/Givens/Castro we might be able to entice a prospect out of them closer to the deadline. 

Dodgers and other contenders will want Manny.  I see a great series of trade options in the other threads.

Trade Schoop now to get even more back before next year's deadline.  

There is a blueprint out there to be followed.  The Phillies sat longer than most teams before deciding to rebuild, but have still orchestrated a good turnaround.  

I think the doom and gloom is starting to set in and it'll be perfectly valid if we end up sitting at the deadline.  We do have a chance to jump start the rebuild though, might be a good opportunity to let the franchise know that the future is more important than a full goodbye tour for Manny at this point.  



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