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O's questions to start the season


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Buck is messing up my prediction.:D

I am having trouble coming up with individual predictions. Here are my questions.

1) How do I predict Gausman? I am not sure how much he will start. Whether he stay in the pen or whether he is optioned. Tough one to put a number on.

2) When does Wieters come up and how much power will be have? Is it late April or June?

3) Will Paredes be on the team or is he going to be waived?

4) Is Cabrera able to play 2B up to Buck's defensive standards? He didn't play him much there this spring. Is Cabrera going to Norfolk to prove he can play 2B. Interestingly, DD said this week that Cabrera could back up SS and 3B. No mention of 2B.

5) Is Norris healthy? I have to think he is because Dan would have DL'd him to make space in the rotation. But he hasn't had command all spring. I don't know what to expect.

Then there is Ubaldo. Not a question as much as his history is not in sync with how Buck is using him. Ubaldo is normally bad in April. But Buck has put him in the rotation. I understand why. Buck wants to having him continue what he did in the spring. But it goes against his history.

Snider is messing me up as well. His history is bad except of the last half of last year. I was ready to predict his demise after 2 or 3 months. But he has started hitting in the last week and I want to root for the guy not against him.

So the prediction that is written and on me computer will stay there. Too many questions to predict individual players. I have decided to sit back and enjoy the season. Our curiosity will be satisfied.

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