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8/31: Red Sox at Orioles


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SOSH living up to it's billing so far tonight... this is one of my favorite parts about playing the Red Sox...

Remember when we were all fantasizing about this team making a run at the postseahahahahahahhahaaaa. those were the days.
There are no finer words than "Lugo was hit in the head"
Did I ever tell any of you guys how much I hate Josh Beckett?
Cool. So in other words, he's (Beckett) sucking quicker than he usually does.
He finally paints with a low, outside corner fastball and no call. This is how it's going to be for the rest of the season.

Oh, boo hoo--a call doesn't go the Red Sox Nation's way for once, cry me a river.

Really wish Markakis wasn't locked up until 2015.

Go F yourself pal, unlike yourself, Markakis wouldn't betray his team...

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