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Tex or AJ


Teixeira or Burnett?  

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  1. 1. Teixeira or Burnett?

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It is impossible to say without knowing what the pricetag is. If both could be had for a reasonable amount the answer would be Tex and its an easy decision IMO.

If it takes 150-200m and/or 8 or more years to sign Tex and AJ can be had for 4 years at a reasonable amount then obviously the dynamics have changed and the answer is AJ and its an easy decision.

I think most of us would agree with that... Although at what dollar amounts and how many years where the decision shifts from Tex to AJ may vary by quite a bit among us.

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Teixeira by far...It really isn't even a discussion on who is more important to us long term and who is the best bet to live up to their contract.

If you look at just 2009, AJ is probably a bigger need but long term, it is clearly Tex.

Agreed. I can picture us signing AJ and after a couple of starts he will be hurt.

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Agreed. I can picture us signing AJ and after a couple of starts he will be hurt.

Right...I want us to sign AJ and all but he has had the injury issues and he is older than Tex...So, their is more risk even if the price tag is lower.

If I had to guess, BB is asking this because the Orioles are thinking they can sign one of these guys but probably not both(barring one or both of them taking a discount or not getting as much as we think).

I hope that's not the case because it is bs and if it is the case, the Orioles need to shed some salary by trying to get rid of Huff(for Wood?) and Ramon(for a cheap young reliever).

That would be 15ish million dollars off the payroll, knocking us down to close to 50 million. The way contracts get backloaded and what not, we should be able to sign both AJ and Tex and have the payroll be in the 75-80 range.

Add that with some arb figures and perhaps a cheap starter for 1 year and you have a payroll bordering 90-95 million, or where they were 2 years ago.

That should be fine.

Then, after next year you lose Walker, Mora, BRob(unless re-signed..assuming not trading him now), the pitcher you sign for one year and Baez..That is another 25-30 million off the payroll.

So, if the Orioles are looking ahead, both of these guys are easily affordable.

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BTW, let's not overlook the idea of Tex's defense and how a top defensive first baseman is so important to the IF defense.

I think that aspect of his game gets overlooked because of his offensive numbers.

And another thing that i am not sure has been brought up is his durability...he had an injury in 2007 but other than that, he has basically played every game.

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