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Cuts We Should Be/Could Be Interested In

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1 hour ago, weams said:

Thank you. I missed that. The rest of my discussing correct?


1 hour ago, weams said:

The confusing part, the part about the outright assignment to the minors, can only be done once to a player without his permission - the second time he can take full payment of his contract and walk away as a true FA., 

This depends upon whether or not the player had a "guaranteed" contract.


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On 4/1/2018 at 6:48 PM, Luke-OH said:

Update on the Cardinals players I mentioned.

Valera traded to the Dodgers.

Lucas traded to the Athletics.

Both were desirable enough to recieve a some sort of return.

Maybe the A's would have taken Susac, since they accepted Meisner in a trade for Lucas.

See the A's got Thompson, too?

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