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MD v Clemson- 2/24/10


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Super pumped....

Vasquez showed a lot tonight...when he couldn't score he made sure others could. I also like that Gary learned from last time against Clemson and subbed or switched Greivis when Smith came in, to the smaller, quicker Hayes.

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Great Comeback from the Terps. Clemson played and shot out of their minds for the first 20 minutes. Maryland took all the body blows and regrouped. Terrific game from Grevis, who did not force shots when they were not falling but took over late in the game.

Real good games from Williams, Moseley, and Hayes.

Also, anyone who does not think Gary is a great game coach, go back and look how he controlled Clemson's runs with the timeouts.

No bubble this year guys. The Terps are dancing.

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We've gotten the just about the best performances possible from two pretty good ACC teams the last two games, and we've come out on top both times.

Great comeback win tonight. Sitting at 10-3 in the ACC is real nice. Now we gotta take care of business on the road, the VT game will be a big one.

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At least he has a future in the custodial services industry if the whole basketball thing doesn't work out.

Hahahahaahahahahaaha. Really funny. I thought maybe he could also serve popcorn at the concession stands. We are a second half team bottom line. Just keep the game manageable in the first half and get ready to play lights out in the second. No question the team is in the NCAA tourney.

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I mentioned last week that Gary needs to work the front line of Williams, Gregory and Padgett together more often when rebounds are needed to help break open close games or to help get back into games they are trailing. Padgett played I think 6 minutes last night and scored 2 points and had 3 rebounds. When he starts getting 20 minutes in games you will see 10+ rebound efforts from him. Can we use his hustle and willingness to mix it up on the boards? Of course. We are going to need him against top teams and in the tournament. Gary needs to give him more time so he's ready when we need him. If you noticed he came in late in the second half and got some key rebounds that helped cut the Clemson lead down to 9 points at the half after trailing by as many as 16.

Great come from behind effort. Gary gets an A for his coaching and the players appear to be getting how to handle a lead and slow things down to work the clock and make the other team foul them. Less turnovers and better passing are contributing to their improved play.

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    • Have you seen the game threads?  We're never going to make the post season w/ those kind of fans.  We might as well just give them all pink hats.
    • I think Burnes gets 5 days rest because of the off day tomorrow so it seems like a good spot to push him a little.  He only threw 107, so its not like we went Dusty Baker on him.   I mentioned that I think Hyde has to manage our starters a little less delicately with our bullpen sucking.  It looks Hyde is inclined to agree with this.
    • Have you seen the lineups? They are a joke. Hyde has to go too.     😎 Insomnia in progress. 
    • I have to admit I am all for resigning Burnes too, I just can't remember the last time the O's signed a free agent the other top teams wanted.  I don't think even Chris Davis fits that category because the O's were bidding against themselves.  Albert Belle?  I guess I'll just try to be hopeful.  I can't see Rubenstein making himself the public face of the franchise and then turning around and basically saying this is going to be my cash cow.  I guess we'll soon find out.  I have to admit I am looking forward to this way more than the election.  lol
    • It seems to me they should probably change their approach or the season will end up a disaster.  It’s frankly unexplainable they haven’t demoted/traded/DFA’d the players that aren’t performing.  It’s a joke management thinks this group of players has any chance of winning anything.  Imagine if they could just walk more..
    • Sorry I’m not Gretzky fan , lol . And don’t know any of his quotes. But I would love to hear it , if you can share.    Speaking of bullpen, I agree that ours needs to be augmented and upgraded.  The trade deadline is coming soon so……..
    • I agree. He's a major factor in our odds to win a World Series. Gotta go for it while you can and keep him if we can. I generally don't like big contracts and view them as over pays. I criticized the Albert Belle signing, I hated the Ubaldo Jimenez signing, and I didn't feel comfortable with the Chris Davis extension. But to me those players did not have a solid consistent careers as a pure Ace player like Burnes does. Burnes is a player I feel confident that you know what you're getting, even if we can expect a decline by age 35. Up to that point, you're getting a perennial Cy Young competitor to anchor your entire Pitching Staff and give you a chance to win when you need it most just like he did tonight in the game 3 rubber match in a series against division rivals. This series against the Red Sox, Burnes was effectively the Stopper and got us back on track. I'm all for resigning Corbin Burnes! It's on my Christmas wish list!
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