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5/5 O's at Tampa


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Damn, I was really hoping to see Pie get the start today- to see if that catch spurned any positive mojo at the plate... oh well...
Yeah, I don't know why they don't let him hit against Garza... even if you don't care about developing Pie, he's still better than Wigginton vs. right-handers.
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I'm not watching this on TV, just gameday, but it seems like Koji is going right for the jugular.

What say you?

He's incredible right now. They can't figure out what pitch he's throwing and everything is right on the black of the plate.
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    • Kjerstad does not have to play every day for him to be here.  He should be able to start 3+ times a week. He’s hitting right now so I would get him in the lineup immediately and see if there is any carry over from AAA.  
    • They needed to replace Hays and he's already on the 40. I don't think it goes much deeper.
    • A lot of people didn’t like this signing.  It was a few bad outings last year but otherwise, he was very good. He will have some bumps in the road but he’s a very capable guy still.
    • I agree. It has to be anticipating Mountcastle being out a little longer, maybe they will IL him too if his knee doesn’t improve quickly. But if Hays is out the minimum 10 days (one of which already passed), maybe Kjerstad gets 3 starts from Mountcastle and 1-2 from rest days for others, available to pinch hit the rest. That wouldn’t be so bad. 
    • I trust the O’s and Elias’ handling of him.  Similar to Decosta and the Ravens, they seem to make more good decisions than other clubs do.     I think he can work it out at the major league level if they do.  Wouldn’t be worried if he got sent down to regain some confidence.
    • I don’t see Wells coming back to the rotation. That was never the plan to begin with. Also, I’m not sure it’s a given that Means can make effective starts at the Bug League level right now. He’s been legit terrible against AAA hitters on a pretty consistent basis so far this season. Now Bradish on the other hand, if he can return, he will probably bump one of Suarez or Irvin to the pen (the one who is pitching the worse).  If Suarez keeps performing (I don’t think his current level is realistic to expect) but at a good level for a back end starter, he stays.
    • Remove Bradish and I will maybe agree. To me this guy is destined for the pen, where hopefully his swing and miss stuff plays up even more. Could be an important piece, but I’m not getting my hopes up too far after two appearances.
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