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Last night they were correct. Cabrera stinks and he behaved like an idiot. Beckett was correct, though I agree you don't say it publicly, but as soon as Guthrie came out you knew that that lite a fire under them.

Martinez's quote can be thrown out in my mind, that was 5 years ago.

Whether or not you think they are correct has nothing to do with them being arrogant. It doesn't matter if you think another player "sucks", it's not something you go around saying...especially when you're some punk rookie who's played all of like 120 ML games. I know you're playing against each other but you're still fellow baseball players, have a little respect for each other. I think it was Scottie that made a good point about it...you don't do it because you could be teammates some day.

And I really fail to see how Beckett was correct in what he said. Did you really think that when Guthrie was taken out with 1 out and a 5-0 lead that we were going to lose the game? I seriously doubt it.

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    • I’m a little surprised Tony is in the field today, looked dinged up towards the end of the game yesterday getting up slowly from both his slide into second and his diving catch. 
    • I'm not opposed to trading Kjerstad (assuming Santander is then re-signed), but trading him for a reliever of any stripe seems like a waste of resources. There should be more economical ways of building a strong bullpen, and Kjerstad is a big enough talent to be the centerpiece in a trade for a cost-controlled starter. That seems like the more impactful move to me. 
    • Sure service time factors in. But it also seems to me you and a few others like you, think the grass is always greener on the other side based on the constant overrating of other team's players, but totally act like our own prospects are worth pennies. The Orioles don't have the best farm system in MLB if all their prospects are all low rank and low value. I do agree with Moose's comment about the fetishization of some prospects around here, but then there's the other extreme of that with some of these ridiculous trade offers of giving away the farm for a brown paper bag. You're not giving what's really possible enough of an opportunity or enough thought.
    • You're right, context does matter. I get it, we love our prospects but some of them are going to have to be traded.  Trading Ortiz and Hall didn't hurt much because of 1.  the return and 2. they weren't, like, a member of the inner circle of prospects we've grown to fawn over on here. IMO, that group is Holliday, Cowser (although I'm gonna remind everyone here once again that a lot of you were ready to part with him this past offseason) Kjerstad, Basallo and Mayo.  IMO, Hall had enough time for the shine to wash off him and while he had his defenders here, Ortiz was a guy that would have a hard time finding a full time spot.  Those two guys were on the outside looking in...didn't know if Hall was a starter or a reliever and Ortiz wasn't Jackson Holliday or Jordan Westburg. People on here like fantasizing about filling out lineups 1-9 of completely home grown talent, first round picks that'll all pan out, that'll all be great players...and it's just not going to work out that way.  It's coming close, but not all of these guys are going to be studs, not all of these guys are going to be as great as we seem to think they'll be.   So, yeah, I'd be open to trading Kjerstad for an elite, cost controlled bullpen arm because we'd be dealing from a position of strength in order to address a big need.   
    • Not actually expecting it but would be a very baseball thing to happen.
    • Yeah I agree with your thought process on position players vs pitchers. But that’s also why the young cheap guys like Skenes are worth so much. Yeah, he may break, but he’s cheap and you don’t have to give him a ton of money like you would for a free agent pitcher. With our current situation, I’d definitely do Holliday for Skenes straight up. It’s very likely Holliday provides more value during their controlled years, but he’s more easily replaced. If we’re lucky and Skenes and Grayson can have a few healthy years together, I think that gives us a better chance at a world series than 6 healthy years of Holliday. 
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