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Anyone miss Mark Reynolds yesterday?

Mr Snuffleupagus

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Reynolds left the door open for the Orioles not re-sign him because of his inconsistent (at best) performance when he was in Baltimore. DD & BS had other options...

He was injured.

Hopefully Reynolds keeps hitting HR's so we can keep dealing with this question all season :rolleyes:

Mark Reynolds was arguably the worst defensive 3rd basemen I've ever seen. And his defense at 1st was overrated.

This meme is still going? He was excellent at 1st and saved countless throwing errors. Just ask JJ Hardy who thanked Reynolds specifically when winning the GG. There have already been a few throws Davis missed that Reynolds would've nabbed.

The O's felt Reimold' date=' Betemit, and Valencia could match Mark Reynolds's numbers. I wish they brought Reynolds back, but who expected him to be this good to start the year?[/quote']

They were dead wrong. We always praise DD's great moves, we have to admit when he makes a really bad one.

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Well let see' date=' .300/.376/.650/1.026 10HR 27RBI... I can think of about 6 million reasons I would love for Mark Reynolds to be in our line up. Yea, Yea, I understand those numbers will not hold up for the season, but I think Mark was struggling from some injuries and just having an off season last year and I expected him to have a come back year this season. However, yea we have beat this horse enough.[/quote']

He had 3 awful seasons in a row. So he is playing well now. Good for him. He had a 3 week period that he played well for us last season. So it is not like he didn't have stretches of success in the past. Injuries don't explain his swinging at balls in the dirt all the time.

I don't ever want him back. I am sure if we signed him he would be batting .197 right now.

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I think these threads keep coming up because the DD/O's front office backers refuse to look at this rationaly and simply admit that DD made a mistake on this one.

First off Reynolds got a one year 6 million dollar contract.

And his numbers here were for the two years averages and OPS+ of 112, even considering he played 2 months last year fighting an oblique injury.

That would have been a bargain and his bounceback this year towards his career average power numbers just makes him even more of a bargain.

Is that what he wanted from us? You know for a fact he would have re-signed with us for 1 year 6 million? So because I don't think he was worth 11 million makes me a DD/O's front office backer?

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You are right Glynn was a non drafted free agent that the O's were smart to sign. He is really struggling so far in Frederick, which is disappointing.

Well done, C_o_C.

And to answer the original question, for christ's sake, its May 7. I suppose we can grade all transactions with absolute confidence after 29 games into the season. And how was his performance 29 games into last year?

I am as big of a Reynolds fan as anyone, but this is getting old real fast. I wish him well, but just because he os performing well somewhere else does not mean that he would be doing the same thing if he stayed here. Some people need a change of scenery. Then again, some people probably will regress to what they are after a hot month. People need to let this go.

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A change of enviorment can have a large effect on a batter. No reason to believe that he would have put up the same numbers here. He obviously wasn't consistent as an oriole, and Davis had a better year + he was cheaper + he was more potential. No reason to keep posting these topics. If we signed Reynolds then Mclouth wouldn't have been back and Reimold would have been our LF. Then we might have these threads about mclouth

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Not another one...


To the person who started this little thread, do you think Reynolds will finish with a better season than Chris Davis? I'm open to whatever metric you deem most worthy. WAR? wOBA? OBP? OPS? OPS+?

Reynolds is hot now. He'll be ice cold for a good 3 month stretch later this season. Let's get some action on this.

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