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The Orioles will face Eduardo and Price the next 2 nights and have dropped to last in the AL in BA and OPS vs. Lefties (.234/.302/.388/.690). This is one of the most extreme L/R splits I've seen for a team.
We're much better with Kim in the lineup instead of Reimold. Joey hit LHP better than Nolan and is a better glove as well.
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If you are talking only about the Left Handed Splits against Left Handed Starters, the Orioles are .248/.309/.400/.708 which is a bit more in line with games conditions. Left Handed relievers are usually a match-up situation which usually favors the pitchers. If you use the starter scenario then the Orioles are twenty-second out of the thirty teams which is not as bad a the OP states. Overall they are Twenty-Sixth out of the Thirty teams against Left Handed Pitchers.

I find it interesting that posters think it is all Reimold's Fault.

Chris Davis 0.228/0.338/0.425/0.763

Adam Jones 0.220/0.261/0.312/0.573

Nolan Reimold 0.193/0.272/0.289/0.561

Mark Trumbo 0.190/0.230/0.466/0.695

Matt Wieters 0.189/0.277/0.284/0.561

Pedro Alvarez 0.143/0.194/0.250/0.444

Caleb Joseph 0.111/0.143/0.111/0.254

Hyun Soo Kim 0.000/0.222/0.000/0.222

No mention of Davis, Jones, Wieters, Trumbo, Alvarez, Joseph or Kim. Interesting indeed

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