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2/28 vs Pirates... O's - 6 Pirates - 2


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Starting lineup:

Roberts, 2B

Markakis, RB

LaRoche 1B

Reynolds, 3B

Scott, LF

Wieters, C

Jones CF

Drew WW

Matusz P

(Game is in Bradenton, it's an NL park so no DH)

What the heck is a WW?! AND a RB!?!?! All these new fangled ideas, this team will never be successful!!!!:cussing:


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Markakis does not have enough muscle to be a running back.

And Drew as Willy Wonka is just ridiculous. Hell, I don't even know which Drew he is referring to????


This one!


Look at him now though! He looks in top form, sign him to a contract ASAP!


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